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In 2010, after practicing Corporate law and M&A law for over 15 years, Sebastien Meunier got very frustrated spending too much time and effort gathering information and analyzing what was pertinent to a specific case. Furthermore, he had to make sure all the information he had was not only relevant, but also comprehensive and this was another very difficult and costly task.

After analyzing how he could improve the situation for lawyers and support staff, he decided to form a company that would allow them to have better control over their documents; hence managing their cases more efficiently and easily.

With the support of a dedicated investor, Clawd Technologies came into existence. Not only did Clawd develop an EDM solution for legal professionals, but also provides many other interesting features to help with digital document collection, usability and analysis. With a unique take on document security and governance, Clawd is clearly dedicated to making paper-free a reality.


In a paper-free company, new challenges will always surface. One major concern is how to ensure digital documents will have probative value. To address this, Clawd Technologies developed a system of operations, a legal corpus and a chain of trust that, together, can provide the highest level of probative value to digital documents. In actuality, we provide the highest probative value compared to any system that is currently offered on the market today. We call it Ironclad Probative Value (IPV).

This is just the starting point. We are constantly analyzing the combination of law and technology to see how we can improve the management of digital documents, and the responsibilities that come with working in a paper-free environment. We call this Legal Security, and we want to ensure that company’s CEOs can meet their fiduciary duties, manage and protect their corporate knowledge.


Clawd Technologies strives to continually increase the efficiency and effectiveness of managing your legal responsibilities. We ensure your fiduciary responsibility is met through the innovative combination of law and technology for legal matters in a paper-free environment.

Everything is fine…until something goes wrong”, Clawd Technologies wants to help you prepare and plan for the unexpected.

Welcome to a new era of digital security and identification.

Online business has never been safer, or more intuitive, thanks to the Clawd Vision.

THe unique power of Clawd

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The Clawd System of Operations (CSO) is the engine that powers entities and users to interact together within a complete network of verified entities and users operating on the Internet under the rules of contemporary world legal systems. This system uses the Clawd Chain of Trust, the Uniksign certification services and the Clawd Legal Corpus to maintain interactions among entities and users within the rules of this legal system in order to keep data security and information governance legally manageable in a digital world.

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Chain of Trust

The Clawd Chain of Trust is a patented rigorous yet simple process for ascertaining the identity of individuals and entities in order to give them a legal identity in a digital world. The Chain of Trust uses the CSO in order to create a link with this digital legal identity and the role assigned to a user within an entity, by its legal higher authority, as it is determined by the corporate laws applicable in the jurisdiction of this type of entity. Third party lawyers, notaries and accountants registered in UnikSign act as a Certification Authority, irrefutably ensuring that each individual and entity legally exists. They also ensure that the higher authority of each entity has received the absolute authority to administer the CSO of this entity. This process is unique and it lets you know, unequivocally, with whom you are dealing and communicating.

Legal corpus

Legal corpus

The Clawd Legal Corpus is an intelligent semantic analytical engine and an artificial neural network that incorporates a collection of laws, regulations, standards and precedents to facilitate the automatic classification of documents inside your corporate memory. As it does this, it uses the entity’s own categorization system, based on its type and jurisdiction, learning from you as you use it. All documents that are generated as part of your data management system, mail server or any other kind of information system, are captured by the Clawd Legal Corpus. They are analyzed and made available for other internal business activities or to external stakeholders to the entity, after having been authenticated by Clawd as an original document that then will be archived in your corporate memory. This original status of a document provides its probative value.

Our products


A security management solution to create client portal, collaboration platform with integrated digital signature, mail gateway, corporate memory builder as a stand alone solution or fully integrated with your legal practice management software and data management software.


A complete dematerialization solution to transfer the “original work” from a support to another by keeping its legal nature of “original” and by protecting its integrity and its authenticity throughout its life cycle.

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A Certification Authority acting as a trusted third party responsible for the deliverance of the digital signature certificate to every individual and entity working with the system.

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