About Clawd

The genesis

In 2010, after practicing corporate and M&A laws for more than 15 years, Sébastien Meunier - Lawyer (details) - noticed that in this industry too much time and efforts were wasted in collecting information and analyzing what is relevant in each file.

The solution

In addition, the business lawyer job requires making sure that all the collected information is complete and compliant.
This upstream investigating work is also a very difficult and expensive task.
After analyzing how to improve these constraints, he decided to found a software company to develop solutions to gain better control over documents, and to manage them more efficiently and easily.

Digital Transformation Coach

With the support of a private investor, Clawd Technologies was born.
Clawd Technologies provides through its solutions unique features, tools and APIs to facilitate the collection, sharing and digital documents analysis.
With a unique view on document’s governance and security, Clawd Technologies is fully committed to making digital transformation and dematerialization a reality for businesses.