Making Paper-Free a Reality

To assist in the process of document transfer from paper to digital, Clawd provides a dematerialization solution – Docutrail. At Clawd, we do not create an image or copy of a document, we literally transfer the original work from paper to digital format by keeping its legal nature of “original work” intact. We make sure that the integrity of your original document will be protected throughout its digital life cycle. That way, you can consider the destruction of the former source and take all the benefits of the latter. Without the help of Clawd’s triad, (CSO, Chain of Trust and Legal Corpus) this process of legal transfer is impossible.

Legal Framework

We have also taken into account close to twenty technical standards originating from standardization agencies in the fields of security, document management, identity protection, etc.

We have taken into account laws from the following fields:

  • Electronic Commerce laws
  • Evidence laws
  • Protection of Personal Privacy laws
  • Sectorial laws (health, finance)
  • Laws related to personal orders

As well, in order to identify the level of security needed and to grant credibility to the offer of services proposed, Clawd has also taken into account the plurality of technical standards applicable in this field.
This systemic reference of legal and technical standards allows for Clawd to be seen as having the higher standards in the field of document management.

See how entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals have integrated our legal security to control their privacy, governance and online interactions.

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