How the Docutrail process works

Docutrail - Transforming original documents from paper to digital
Docutrail ensures the chain of custody during the transfer of originals from paper to digital isn't broken.
Docutrail gives digital documents a greater legal value than paper originals
Docutrail digitizes photos, paper documents, designs and drawings and converts them to PDF
Docutrail standardizes digital files—storing, search and retrieving them is easier
The digitization process, between customer, service provider and Docutrail, in 18 steps
Digital documents created with Docutrail are legally authentic and have strong probative value
Clawd's 'Chain of Trust' is a proprietary means of elevating information security and governance
Docutrail attributes 5 certificates to digital documents to provide integrity, authenticity, independance, security and perennity
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When you work with one of our third-party providers to transfer your documents from paper format to digital, our Docutrail process ensures that the chain of custody of your documents remains intact. At all stages, we can account for each and every document or file you provide to us.

Your involvement is also essential. You start the Docutrail process by creating the work order to allow the service provider access to your corporate memory. Prepare your documents, and send them to the service provider for them to carry out the work.

The service provider then processes your documents and assigns the work to its employees. Each and every person that comes into contact with your documents has had their identity verified – and their digital signature certificate is embedded in each document they convert, along with the date and time it was completed.

After you verify that your documents have been processed with Docutrail in a satisfactory manner, you decide if your documents will be returned to you or destroyed. You finish the Docutrail process by closing the work order – thereby severing access to your corporate memory.

Docutrail's 7-step process


Create Work Order

Step 1

Prepare and send documents

Step 2

Receive documents

Step 3

Process documents

Step 4

Transfer documents

Step 7

Return or destroy documents

Close Work Order