What Lawfice Offers

The Lawfice application is a technical platform for paperless business management, combining features that allow its users to:

  • Collaborate internally, or externally with other entities, on projects and business transactions and to assign actions to be completed within the framework of these projects by users with verified identifies;
  • Transform documents by converting them from paper to digital format, following the guidelines established by the Law and applicable ISO norms in order to preserve the “original” character and probative value of documents;
  • Electronically archive documents and messages from different sources while being certain to maintain the integrity and the availability of the documents throughout their lifecycle;
  • Rigorously manage the access rights to the corporate memory of the entities they are involved in, with high importance place on privacy and security.

Lawfice was created to preserve the history of entities. Information contained in the corporate memory of an entity is accessible 24/7 and actions can be taken from anywhere in the world. With Lawfice, companies and law firms spend less time searching for documents, less travel is required and messenger fees can be reduced or even eliminated, and collaboration is quick and information can be exchanged immediately. Professionals can provide quicker customer service using Lawfice, improving client relations, and many other benefits that lead to greater transparency, efficiency and a paper-free reality.

Client portal


Make a direct connection with your client, and provide them with the service they’ve always wanted. The Lawfice Client Portal encourages quick, efficient collaboration using fewer resources, while improving turn-around times and communication.

Lawfice’s Client Portal is a direct access to your clients, allowing you to easily keep abreast of all activities and documentation. You can see a list of all your clients; with one click, you can access their Corporate Memory, minute book and the activities you and your clients have a role in.

You can then update their minute books in real-time, archive important documents in their corporate memory, and carry out activities directly with your clients.

Both you and your clients can access the information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. This interaction and transparency fosters enhanced client relations because it allows you to respond rapidly and efficiently to your clients, and reduces the time that would be wasted working with paper documents and retrieving information.



The Lawfice Collaborative Platform gives probative value to your internal and external workflow – file sharing, actions, messaging and archiving – all within one secure application.

Lawfice’s collaborative platform securely organizes projects on your Lawfice dashboard. It allows you to invite, share documents, assign tasks, approve, vote and grant specific access right to collaborators and clients ascertained through the Clawd Chain of Trust. Communicate through an independent, encrypted messaging system linked to your projects, archive these actions within your Corporate Memory, and then automatically withdraw access rights when a case or account is archived.

Keep your brand intact by providing clients with 24/7 access to their case files and encrypted Corporate Memory through a white label client login on your website. This greater transparency between employees and clients fosters a professional image, improved customer service and attention to client needs.

Especially suited to urgent or time-sensitive work, multiple signatures and approvals can be applied to a single document in real-time. Work with partners or clients around the world, eliminating the need to travel, scan, email or send paper copies by courier for signature. The Lawfice collaborative platform allows for the flexibility of remote and mobile work, allowing you to move projects forward outside of normal business hours.

Easily see the status of projects to streamline and modernize your workflow. The Lawfice collaborative platform was designed to increase productivity and cut down on missed deadlines and lost information, making it easy to spot trends and areas for improvement within your organization while conforming to the ethical rules outlined by your regulatory body.

Digital Signature


The power of a digital signature is that, through a certificate embedded in the digital document, your signature is forever linked to that document and protected from tampering or forgery.

Thanks to UnikSign, Clawd users know exactly with whom they are conducting business online, in real-time. UnikSign is a third-party certification authority that, through its network of Registration Authorities (Lawyers, CPAs, CAs and Notaries) verifies the identity of each individual user and business entity in Clawd. UnikSign issues digital signature certificates in order to allow users to sign digitally within the Lawfice collaborative platform.

The combination of the digital signature and Chain of Trust process allows Clawd to provide total legal security, non-repudiation, data integrity and authenticity to your corporate memory and all of your online interactions.

The verification process is rigorous, but quite simple to understand. First, your identity is confirmed by one of UnikSign’s Registration Authorities. Then, a confidential, encrypted and non-transferable PIN and password link your identity to the electronic documents you create. A Registration Authority also verifies the legal existence of each business entity and determines its form and juridiction.

Since the digital signature certificate is embedded in each document, it encapsulates the content and provides a history log of modifications or changes. This not only protects the document from tampering, but also confirms the document as the original. This means the proof is irrefutable that the people and entities whose identities are linked to the document have signed it.

All of this happens in the Clawd, but the benefits are tangible. There is no other online signature process that provides such a high level of legal validity, giving your Clawd signature the same legal value as your handwritten signature. Clawd takes the mystery and risk out of conducting business online, from anywhere around the world.



Maintain the probative value of sensitive documents in your Corporate Vault, semantically classify and organize them with intuitive search functions and retrieve them with the click of a button.

Lawfice’s electronic document archiving system, combined with Clawd’s Legal Corpus, adds probative value to every document in your Corporate Memory, and allows you to find them easily with intuitive search functions.

Once you’ve built your encrypted Corporate Memory, you can quickly and easily upload and convert documents into digitally certified originals. The intelligent, semantic analysis engine of the Clawd Legal Corpus then incorporates a collection of laws, regulations, standards and precedents to facilitate the automatic classification of these documents inside your Corporate Memory… learning your preferences as you use it.

This process enables you to instantly track versions and eliminate multiple copies, personalize folder names and customize archive framework to your legal jurisdiction, classify information automatically in the right place, and retrieve things fast by using basic keywords, meaning or context.

Vigorous access controls and automatic backups every 15 minutes let you breathe easy regarding the security of your confidential documents. The flexibility of hosting with a SaaS solution on our fully secured cloud, or self-host within your own facilities, allows you to access your documents anywhere, anytime simply by using an Internet connection.

Thanks to Clawd innovations, your corporate past, present and future can finally be paper-free, regrouping all your sensitive documents and communications into one digital location, and allowing for the elimination of your current paper filing cabinets.

Secure Mail Gateway


Lawfice’s Secure Mail Gateway ensures privacy with strong encryption, confidentiality with symmetric key exchange, as well as integrity with a hash function and non-repudiation.

Encrypt your emails while giving them probative value with one secure application.

Lawfice’s Secure Mail Gateway protects you against hackers, distracted employees and industrial espionage, helping you to comply with HIPAA, GLBA and many other international regulations, including your company’s security policies.

The Secure Mail Gateway is encrypted and is S/MIME compliant, ensuring non-repudiation, privacy, total confidentiality and integrity.

The Secure Mail Gateway solution is simple and inexpensive to deploy. Transparent operation and key management means administrator actions and IT support are minimally required. Because you use your existing email clients, anti-virus and content filtering devices – user training is not required, and software installation is not required.

Promoting organizational compliance, Lawfice’s Secure Mail Gateway provides secure inter-organizational communications and solves the scalability and management issues that have previously plagued PKI technology.

See how entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals have integrated our legal security to control their privacy, governance and online interactions.

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