Secure Collaborative Platform – what you can do

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Link your client’s files to your professional portfolio in Lawfice, and receive instant copies of all the messages and documents created within the framework of your legal activities.

  • Organize your working environment by client
  • Reduce risk by consolidating your documents and communication
  • Simplify file management

The Lawfice Case Organizer is a powerful tool that can regroup multiple activities all in one comprehensive file. Unlimited documents, communications and actions can all be bundled together and easily accessed with a simple click. You can add new items at any time, retaining the entire history of a client or case. As well, all of your cases can be linked to your professional portfolio, ensuring you always have a copy of the projects you have worked on.

  • Ensure that all relevant material remains together
  • Incorporate an unlimited number of activities into one case
  • Easily link cases to your professional portfolio to retain your own professional history
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Collaborate remotely in Lawfice with clients and stakeholders in a highly secure environment on commercial and corporate ventures or litigation cases.

  • Confidential environment
  • Participation by invitation only
  • Upload documents
  • Targeted document sharing

Lawfice’s Activity Center is the workspace where the collaboration and actions with your clients takes place. It houses all of the activities you create or are associated with, and allows you to upload documents, communicate with other activity participants using an activity-specific message board, finalize documents and assign actions to them. Once activities have been completed, they are archived in the corporate memory of each entities participating to that activity.

  • Upload documents – multiple file types accepted
  • Users can vote on a document, approve it or sign it digitally
  • If colleagues or clients wish to sign a paper document, manual signatures can easily be incorporated into the process
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Communicate case-specific messages and exchange files through Lawfice with the knowledge that they cannot be intercepted and read by unauthorized users.

  • Communication encryption – banking-level encryption (2048-bit SSL)

The Conversation Center in Lawfice is a convenient way to communicate confidentially with just one client or colleague at a time, or choose to invite multiple people to join. At a glance, see who is involved in the conversation, as well as when they joined the conversation and if they decided to leave. You can share documents, as well as create a PDF version of the entire conversation to incorporate into an activity or to store in your corporate memory.

  • Each user needs to be invited to the conversation, preserving confidentiality
  • Straightforward flow to the messages in the conversation
  • Easily identify who has contributed a message or document to the conversation
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With Lawfice, you can manage and oversee all your case files with to-do list features, ensuring you never miss important notifications and deadlines.

  • Case follow-up
  • Action notifications
  • To-do lists

The Dashboard provides a global overview of all the activity taking place within Lawfice. From new conversation invitations to documents being approved, you get a specific view of the progression of your projects. Not only can you view notifications, you can also take direct action while in the Dashboard.

  • Approve, vote, or digitally sign directly in the Lawfice Dashboard
  • Customized to your specific role within activities – see only what is relevant to you
  • Each activity you participate in is displayed, ensuring you don’t miss important notifications
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Create, manage and archive Electronic Minute Books with Lawfice and streamline resolutions, the update process, and signature resolutions and registries.

  • Online review and sharing
  • Online voting and signing (digital signature)
  • Minute Book reservation

The Lawfice Electronic Minute Book takes the risk out of securing and storing a physical hard copy of an entity’s minute book. With stringent access rights management, you can update the resolutions, registers, minutes and other sections easily. As it is Accessible 24/7, maintaining the minute book becomes a streamlined process.

  • Avoid the expense of insurance, storage and courier fees for physical minute books
  • Easy to collaborate with others to complete minute book requirements
  • Reserve the Lawfice Electronic Minute Book to ensure there are no duplicate entries
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Use Lawfice to archive privileged documents within a secure electronic filing cabinet with vigorous access controls.

  • Hosted on private, web-based servers in country of operation, under the protection of law and supported by a Public Key Infrastructure
  • Secondary backup on servers based in country of operation

The Filing Cabinet Lawfice offers allows for storage of sensitive documents, ensuring attorney-client privilege remains intact. Only you have access to this vault, and multiple file types can be archived for easy retrieval. All documents you share in conversations automatically get stored in your filing cabinet.

  • Multiple file types accepted
  • Create personalized folder names and a custom vault structure
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Lawfice preserves your firm’s history and link the case files of all your employees to a firm corporate memory, in order to store a copy of all documents and communication produced during legal and financial activities.

  • Automatically link all lawyers’ case files to the firm vault
  • Real-time digital records updates
  • Access rights management carried out by the firm

The Firm Corporate Memory is the foundation of your entity knowledge. Copies of all cases and files worked on by the firm’s employees are automatically stored within this vault in Lawfice. This ensures that all files are accounted for and up-to-date, allowing firms to allocate resources from administrative follow-up to other areas of more importance.

  • Only PDF format accepted
  • Folders and vault structure based on your firm’s legal structure and jurisdiction, with the ability to add customized folders
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